Class of 2020's Synthesis Blog

Welcome to the class of 2020's evolving synthesis blog! This blog is a portal for those in our community to see more of our daily learning, interaction and activities, to share stories, and draw connections between what we are learning in all of our core classes--as well as the triumphs and pitfalls that accompany high school.

What is synthesis, you ask? Thanks for asking! Synthesis is the bringing together of many different elements to create a more rich and complex whole. Marin SEL teachers are in constant communication to create aligned curriculum, which means there will be ongoing, evolving connections between all core classes. Though traditional schools tend to separate subjects for simplicity's sake, the reality is that many concepts, ideas and patterns tend to repeat in many areas of life. For example, we might associate the term "evolution" with science, but it's also true that cultures evolve, that people evolve, and that even our academy itself will evolve over time. And while you may associate writing with English class, truthfully, writing as a skill and method of communication serves us in all academic areas. Ideally, education should be about the synthesis of various elements (subjects, themes, skills and ideas) that create a powerful whole. This blog is the space where, one by one throughout the year, our 9th graders will become the eyes, ears and voice for the class, connecting the dots, and sharing it with you! Thank you for reading, and please leave comments and questions! --Ms. Leonhart, 9th grade Marin SEL English teacher