Walker Creek Outdoor Education

Every spring, sophomores serve as cabin leaders, role models, and friends for Dixie’s 5th grade class. They learn to own responsibility and be patient, while at the same time getting to connect with nature for a weekend share their passion for environmental leadership.

Walker Creek is a really unique opportunity for both MarinSEL sophomores and the 5th graders from Mary Silveira, Vallecito, and Dixie elementary schools. First, the sophomores spend a day at Walker Creek participating in icebreaker and leadership activities, taking a walk down memory lane, and ending the day with a silent reflection and creek rock face painting. Next, they collaborate in a seminar session to create an engaging hour of activities for all the 5th graders. They then visit their first school, introduce themselves with fun nature names (selected at their day trip to Walker Creek) and conduct an hour of fun activities ranging from banana tag to human knot. Following these activities, students debrief the visit, making any adjustments to the activities they deem appropriate. They repeat for the second school, debrief, and visit their final school.

The best part is that both the cabin leader and camper get to meet each other and break the ice before the week at WC begins. For the 5th graders, it reduces their anxiety over the trip and gets them really excited. For the sophomores, it is an opportunity to demonstrate the leadership skills they will be using while at Walker Creek. This is a special relationship and a great opportunity for students across the region to connect.


"I think that my daughter gained a huge insight into trials of parenting while at Walker creek. The first thing she said to me was 'I appreciate how hard it is to get everyone out the door!' Also, even though these guys have been together since the beginning of high school, she felt that they got a lot closer. They supported each other when things got tough and were put with MarinSEL students whom they haven't worked closely before. 
- Jo James, Class of 2017 parent